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Logging in with the Sandbox environment

After you obtain your appKey and appSecret from the Dashboard, try submitting requests with our Sandbox environment. Our Sandbox works with test data to simulate API calls with the Dapi Bank. This way, you can test Dapi’s functionality without interacting with real financial institutions.

  1. Set the environment variable in Connect to ‘sandbox’ and enter the appKey from the Dashboard as follows:
var handler = Dapi.create({
  environment: Dapi.environments.sandbox,
  appKey: 'YOUR_APP_KEY',
  countries: ['US'],
  isExperimental: true,
  1. Select a bank from the list of available institutions.

Bank Selection Screen

  1. Log into any of the banks with the following test credentials:
Username: dapi_user1
Password: dapi_password1

Sample Bank Login Screen

After a successful login, you should see the following message:

Successful Login Screen

Please click “Continue” to receive your API keys.

  1. Save the connectionID, accessCode, userID and userSecret values from the response (UserLogin).
    "bankFullLogoPNG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-full-logo/HSBC.png",
    "bankFullLogoSVG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-full-logo/HSBC.svg",
    "bankHalfLogoPNG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-horizontal-logo/HSBC.png",
    "bankHalfLogoSVG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-horizontal-logo/HSBC.svg",
    "bankMiniLogoPNG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-mini-logo/HSBC.png",
    "bankMiniLogoSVG": "https://cdn.dapi.co/banks-mini-logo/HSBC.svg",
    "bankID": "HSBCAEAA",
    "bankFullName": "HSBC",
    "bankShortName": "HSBC",
    "success": true,
    "accessCode": "eyJhbGciOiJIUz...",
    "userSecret": "gi2OV9VKp...",
    "tokenID": "f6b1eac4-57e1-4f53-b1fd-fe7fadbca8fd",
    "userID": "RU3wUuE01v...",
    "connectionID": "5d456f33fd08aa051513822e40100419b8741158"

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Logging in with the Sandbox environment

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